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Classical ballet, originated in Italy and brought to further development at the French Court, is characterized by strictly set movements and techniques. A classical ballet lesson starts at the barre and then turns to exercises in the middle and diagonals.
In our ballet classes we pursue a technical education that, not only through the insight into the different techniques but also through the focus on body control and posture, brings numerous benefits in plenty of other dance forms.
The classes are performed on demi-pointes (ballet shoes) and demand connecting comfortable clothing that doesn’t restrict movement. Dancers are obligated to wear a black leotard (we prefer the leotard from our dance school) and pink demi-pointes. During wintertime we recommend to combine this with pink tights and a black warm up sweater.

Advanced classical dancers can choose to take additional pointes classes, these are classes where they learn the typical classical technique of dancing on point shoes.

(Ballet clothing can be purchased at Muses in Motion. You can find more information about our clothing in the NEWS section on this website.)

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