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Sanne Dillen

Sanne Dillen trained with Eliane De Gendt and Jac Delsing and received additional training in multiple dance schools such as Aike Raes. She is qualified as a dancer and dance teacher in multiple dance forms. Sanne still receives classical, jazz, modern, contemporary, hip hop and breakdance training.

She graduated with honors as a master in physical education and kinesiology at the University of Leuven. She chose to specialise in training and coaching in dance and in her last year she was offered the opportunity to take a two week intensive course in modern jazz training by Ray Tadio at the San Francisco State University. Afterwards she returned several times to the U.S. (San Francisco, Los Angeles) to complete her dance training.

Sanne has received additional dance training in the United States by Stacey Printz, Kathleen Hermesdorf, Bayan Jamay, Paco Gomez, Amy Foley, Eric Fenn, Andye J. and Ben Levy. In Europe she continues to attend teacher and dance workshops led by dance teachers such as Michou Swennen, Steeve Austin, Jennifer Regidor, Natalie Gordon, Peter Kongs, Kristin De Walsche, Cora Ringelberg, Chantal Yzermans, Elsa Bosma, Erwin Theunissen, Isabelle Beernaert, Berta and Clara Pons and Anton Lachky.

Since she graduated Sanne was employed at the Atheneum in Boom as a dance teacher. However recently she decided to focus on Muses in Motion on a full time base. In addition to that she does still teach modern dance classes at the University of Leuven where she also founded the KU Leuven Dance Company Modaté.

Since her first dance class Sanne has been extremely passionate about everything that is related to dance. This passion drives her to train harder and to look deeper into the varying aspects of her favorite form of movement. It’s this kind of passion that she wants to pass on in her teaching.

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