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Junes Lazaar, born on november 7 1987, started his dance career as a B-boy on the age of 17. But very soon afterwards he got inspired by different dance styles and after a while hip hop and tap became his main dance styles next to breakdance.

Junes participated in SYTYCD and made it all the way to the liveshows! In addition he also participated in Belgium's Got Talent together with 8 other famous dancers and choreographers and by the name Co.lab they made it to the finals!

Junes also got the opportunity to perform with Belgian and International artists like Sandrine, Stromae, The Opposites, Lady Lynn and many more. He worked as a professional dancer and choreographer on productions in Morocco, Egypt, Israel, Los Angeles, Switzerland, Ireland and Germany.

Besides dancing, Junes also loves acting! Recently he played 1 of the leading roles in the movie Patser!

Junes Lazaar is a dancer that dedicates his life to expanding his horizon every day. 'You're a student for life because you can never stop learning'. And that is why he will try to help our students to the maximum every week and every class to help them grow.

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