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Ismaël Assissi grew up in a real B-Boy family. His uncle started in the 80's in Morocco and gave his passion to Morad, Ismaël his brother. Morad is also known as a rapper and international judge in B-Boy Battles. When Morad showed Ismaël video's of pioneers in Breaking, Ismaël was impressed and started to work really hard. He won several battles and was asked to join Hustle Kids. With this crew he went to the US and London.
Next to dancing Ismaël also played some acting roles such as a role in the movie Firmin, in which his nephew played the leading role. He also played in several TV commercials like Vittel, Spa op het leven, Mobile Vikings, Couleur Sport...
Ismaël is a very positive and driven break teacher who tries to get the maximum from his dancers every class and magically puts a smile on their faces every time with his enthusiasm and humor.

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